The protective compositions are associations of stones to harmonize positive energies and tell negative ones. This strength and courage bracelet is composed of lava stone which is a volcanic stone with a connection to terrestrial forces and energies and allows a regulation of energies so that they are regular over time and of the tiger eye which is a protective stone; To make the right decisions and return the negative energies. It is therefore a bracelet for action and the project requiring trust and protection, allows the right choices. Launching a personal or professional project, clarifies the obstacles and minimizes them by highlighting the solutions. This bracelet is very interesting because it can be associated with another bracelet on the same wrist without opposing it, for example with Unakite for a mystical or traditional medicine project, malachite for a technical project or even a beryl for aesthetics and many others depending on the project. Suitable for all because with lava stone the energy waves are smoothed less high but also and above all less low so consistency over time.

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