Very interesting compositions for elimination. Naturopaths and litho-therapists often combine two or even three stones for their consultants wishing to eliminate fat. Howlite recognized for its slimming effects, tiger eye for its effects linking courage to action and dynamism, and sometimes hematite which alone combines the above effects with grounding and determination. Overweight is not always linked to gluttony and can sometimes reveal a more serious pathology, in all cases it is necessary to know the cause of the overweight by consulting a general practitioner or specialist to ensure that it comes from hygiene life from overeating and lack of exercise. We remind that lithotherapy should in no case replace traditional treatments prescribed by doctors. Our slimming elimination compositions are intended to help you want to eat healthier and to find the courage to exercise regularly without worrying about the eyes of others. Don't forget to tell us your handle size in order to send a bracelet that suits you. Our bracelets are around 18 cm for bracelets in 6mm beads and between 18.5 and 20.5 in 8 and 10mm beads. We also have among our articles the slimming elimination earrings mounted with a 925 silver hook.

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