The protective compositions are associations of stones in order to harmonize positive energies and tell negative ones. Often in bracelet, but also mounted in ARG 925 earrings, our compositions are made in France in our workshops. We import our stones and pearls to various places on the planet in order to have quality natural stones. The stones used for these compositions are tiger eye, black or celestial obsidian, hematite and also lava stone which will replace obsidian when it does not suit the person. The tiger eye is a protective stone. To make the right decisions and return the negative energies. Hematite stone of strength and anchoring. Obsidian is a stone of protection with powerful metaphysical properties, a bulwark against negativity and stress but it is a very strong stone psychically and it is not suitable for all that is why we also make a bracelet by replacing the obsidian by a lava rock. Lava rock is also a volcanic stone with an anchor to the ground forces and thus relieve stress. The 3 eye bracelets, strength and courage and strength and power are also bracelets of protection, they have their own category because they protect in action. We take our indications from various books on lithotherapy and we remind you that lithotherapy should in no way replace general medicine and should only come as a complement for your comfort, for your well-being.

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