Natural unakite is an epidote containing orange feldspar it acts on the emotions. Stone of vision in all its forms, physical and sensory. According to lithotherapy books, unakite improves the organs and therefore overall the psychic sensory. Sometimes disturbing for those who naturally have gifts of perception because the Unakite will sometimes contradict certain acquired truths by opening a window on the substance of the problem and therefore the way of approaching it. Stone who reveals cheating, infidelity and deception. It will also bring out an inner evil that is behind the symptoms of what might seem more obvious. A therapist will first have to tame the unakite before using it is a very complex stone it is in fact simply the stone of truth. Unakite is not suitable for those who improvise themselves, therapist, magnetizer or seeing it reveals deception and their incompetence, they are not attracted to unakite anyway, they will tell you that he does not like it quite simply. Like a lot of feldspar this stone requires recharging, without care it will get lost or break. See description of labradorite or moonstone to recharge unakite these are also feldspars. Beyond what has been said above, unakite helps convalescence after a serious pathology, reproductive system, weight gain, pregnancy, dermal system and hair. Third eye chakra.

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