Natural rose quartz is a crystalline quartz, primary rhombohedral silicon dioxide. It is found in several forms, crystalline in transparency, starry more milky. It is found everywhere on the planet, South Africa, United States, Brazil, Japan, India, Madagascar, and also in Europe in the Alps. It is the stone of personal development, intuitions, sensitivity, harmony of the couple. The lithotherapy books add that it is the stone of lovers and joy, of happy living and seduction. Sexual and sensory organs, calms nerves, heartbeat, fertility. Here is a stone that is available both in jewelry or stone rolled on a person as well as for the ambiance in the living environment, it soothes the guests of the house, both human and animal. You will find on our site a large panel of articles in rose quartz, pebbles and rolled hearts, pendants, bracelet, raw cluster, pyramid organelle (extra) and pendant, pendulum, free forms. Ensuring that rose quartz receives natural light on a daily basis; it recharges easily by avoiding direct sunlight which can lighten your quartz to become completely transparent, this will not detract from the stone's capabilities. Suitable for all astrological signs. Suitable for all the edgy and restless. All the chakras.

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