The naturally occurring morganite is a primary hexagonal beryl manganiferous cyclosilicate. Its name comes from JP Morgan American collector. Comes from the United States, Brazil for the morganite but we also find beryls in Australia and in Europe. Stone very close to aquamarine, it is an expensive stone because for the composition of the bracelets we must find all the colors melted, blue, green, pink, white. The lithotherapies books allow him to let go of stress, pressure to perform, navel-gazing. It gives strength and courage to face its responsibilities reduces leakage to problems. Give space to enjoy your life. Balance and impotence disorders. Be careful with morganite and very often counterfeit, we often see tinted jade jewelry sold for morganite and it is a bit complicated to verify, the shine must be predominant in milky one must have a crystalline visual impression in natural light . Fourth chakra, sign of Aquarius.

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