Natural lepidolite (mica) is a lithium phyllosilicate mica. Lithiniferous mica which constitutes the main ore of lithium, Comes from the United States, Brazil, Czech Republic, Madagascar, Dominican Republic. Mauve color see pink. According to lithotherapy books it is an absorbent stone, in the form of mica it is very effective for electromagnetic pollution and external influences, inner peace, concentration, joints, nerve pain, sciatica. Beyond what the books say lithium is used medicinally for depression, lepidolite contains it. Associated with pink quartz, lepidolite will help in the event of depression and sentimental pain, very balancing it will help to refocus the chakras and therefore the endocrine system and will help regulate the body weight provided that the overweight is not the result of gluttony or it will be necessary then associate it with howlite and a tiger's eye. Throat, heart, third eye, crown chakras. Zodiac sign of Libra.

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