Natural labradorite is a tectosilicate, triclinic multicolored iridescent feldspar. Stone of light. Lithotherapy books are unanimous on the mystical and protective effects of labradorite, it absorbs the negative during therapy instead of the therapist, apathetic stone, it protects the interveners. This is surely due to the fact that it is a very energetic stone its colors appear according to its position in the light. Imagination, creativity, sense of harmony, abundance of ideas, enthusiasm. Promotes the circulation of energies in the chakras, a healing stone. A stone like labradorite requires a lot of attention to keep it effective, as indeed all feldspar is a stone that must be cleaned and recharged. Several methods for this but what is the most simple and effective is to clean it regularly with a source of low nitrate water and to position it regularly in order to receive the rays of the stars day and night. Some also say that the more it is subjected to temperature differences, the more it will discharge the accumulated negative. A geode or cluster of quartz (rock crystal, amethyst, citrine) helps to recharge it more quickly. We privilege rock crystal for this because less sensitive to the sun's rays than its sisters, they can be positioned together on a daily basis without deteriorating. We also observe that it is a surprising thing about labradorite, when it is too charged in negative and it protects less, it has the annoying habit of breaking or getting lost, it is necessary to be attentive to this when whether it is found or repaired a labradorite jewel, it must be cleaned and recharged. Throat chakra, is particularly suitable for the zodiac signs of Gemini, Cancer, Sagittarius, Pisces but in general for all caregivers whatever the sign.

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