Tourmalines are also varied in color, black, brown, rose red, yellow, blue, watermelon and its origins, Brazil, Africa, United States, Australia, Afghanistan, Italy, India. It is a stone through which we will find gems and composition, to say the least astonishing. The lithotherapy book (s) are unanimous in the properties of tourmalines that they purify and transform dense energies into more controllable vibration. That they are in connection with spiritual energies and that they purify and balance the chakras and form a protective shield around the body. Protective shamanic stone during rituals and questioning the future.
-Tourmaline watermelon. It is a green tourmaline with a red or pink core (primary rhombohedral). Understanding, love and friendship, alleviates fears and depression.
-Tourmaline Paraíba. Light blue containing copper, boron cyclosilicate (primary rhombohedral). Universal love, justice, beauty, hormone, liver, nerves.
-Yellow tourmaline. Boron cyclosilicate (primary rhombohedral). Happiness, memory, nerves, digestion, metabolism.
-Tourmaline cat's eye (eagle's eye) shimmering fibrous tourmaline (primary rhombohedral). Imagination, creation, brings out the particularities, detoxifying, head, breathing.
- red or pink tourmaline. Boron cyclosilicate rubellite (primary rhombohedral). Vivacity, sexual pleasure, insistence, nerves, blood, liver, spleen, heart, sexual organs.
- black tourmaline, schorl. Contains iron and aluminum (rhombohedral primary, tertiary). Neutrality, serenity, stress, protects from external influences. Makes it sober, logical and rational. Eliminates energy blockages on people, animals and living spaces.
- green tourmaline, verdelite. Boron cyclosilicate (primary rhombohedral). Interest in others and the environment, helps to see the chances and miracles of life. Nerves, heart, intestine, tumor.
- violet tourmaline, Apyrite or Siberite. Boron cyclosilicate (primary rhombohedral). Wisdom, deep peace, better solution, better side, nervous and hormonal system, breathing, intestines.

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