The great family of jaspers. In general, jasper is a primary and secondary rhombohedral quartz, sometimes embedded in chalcedony, sometimes associates with another stone and especially often bears another name. We will list the most common with their properties set out in books on lithotherapy. What is common to all jasper is that it is a stone of protection. Each chakra has its jasper, each astrological sign has its jasper.
- Breccia jasper, piece of jasper drowned in chalcedony, disposition to conflict, helps repair damage, blood circulation, blood. Ditto for volcanic jasper.
-Jasper turitelle, jasper with fossilized snail shells. Beige jasper or ivory jasper, quartz, drainage, constant strength, skin, eyes, help to get out of a doctrine that does not belong to us.
- Brown jasper, beige brown, capuccino or gray brown. Control, efficiency, perseverance, quantitative and qualitative work, digestion, blood, drainer.
- Dalmatian jasper (aplite) granite gangue. Reflection, strengthening and restoring, emotion, method, nerves and reactivity.
- Kalahari jasper or landscape jasper (Picture stone, Movie stone) siliceous sandstone, United States, Brittany (France). Owes its name to the landscapes drawn by its colors, trees or mountains on a horizon line, sometimes even by characters and animals. Resistance capacity, prolonged effort, digestion, immune system, allergy.
- Yellow jasper, contains limonite (quartz). Resistance, persistence, help during a frustrating event, digestion, basic immune protection.
- Orbicular jasper (poppy jaspis) quartz, jasper with multicolored designs. Good humor, joy, imagination and creativity, blood, liver.
- Hematoid jasper (iron eye) composed of tiger eye jasper and hematite. See our Iron Eye articles in more detail.
-Red jasper, contains hematite (quartz). Strength and will, courage, stimulating energy, warms and invigorates, blood circulation.
- Heliotrope or blood jasper (chalcedony) green quartz spotted with red or yellow jasper it is found on all 5 continents. Excellent blood purifier. Spiritual energies, refines intuition, immune protection, helps to maintain control, heart, vessels, bladder, heart chakra.
-Jasper Mokaïte (mookaïte) horn stone mixture of jasper and opal. Australian jasper, balance of experiences, serenity, courage, intense experiences, flexibility, immune system, blood purification, healing, stone for choice.
-Eye of tiger and hawk. See our products in tiger eye and falcon but also bull's eye, iron eye, Pietersite. But also zebra jasper, dragon's blood, flower, kimbaba, shell, silver leaf, and others.

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