The epidote is originally a green stone, it is a sorosilicate of calcium and magnesium (monoclinic tiercière). It is found in the United States and South Africa. She very rare. What is most often found is epidote-feldspar. The mixture of pink feldspar and epidote gives the stone known as Unakite which is found in good quantities. What interests us in this category is the epidote, but as this is rare our articles that we speak also contain a more neutral feldspar but of a red color similar to the orange moonstone. Lithotherapy books give the epidote a regenerating power, it makes patient and gets rid of self-pity, helps to achieve its own map of happiness and life path, strengthens the liver and digestive functions, regenerates the body after excess. It is the stone of reconstruction after illness. Heart chakra, particularly suitable for the signs of Gemini and Libra.

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