Shungite comes from the northwest of Russia, it has been used in this country for centuries, it is sold in pharmacies in Russia. Some lithotherapy books do not mention it, yet it is a black rock composed of more than 50% and up to 70% of carbon and for the rest of silica with traces of titanium, aluminum, iron, magnesium , suffers. It is therefore a stone for its virtues and its magnetism. We remind you that diamond and graphite are pure carbons. It has been observed that plants love shungite, they develop better and produce more. Books speak of shungite from Russian sources, elixirs, lotions, preparations of its drinking water. Stone widely used as an electromagnetic barrier in plates to stick on the telephones or in polished form to pose. We have a lot of shungite items in various forms. We remind you that the use of stones as defined in lithotherapy books should in no way replace the treatment prescribed by doctors and should only come in addition for your comfort. This stone is suitable for everyone.

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