Natural smoky quartz is a morion, primary rhombohedral and tiercière. There are several stages in the formation of smoky quartz, from light brown to dark brown to phantom quartz showing growth stages. Lithotherapy books associate this stone with therapeutic support, it calms and relaxes, it adds resistance and helps to support efforts and treatments, reduces the effect of x-rays, promotes realistic and pragmatic reflections, addictions. Real stone of the traditional medicine link necessary for therapy. Smoky quartz is proof that lithotherapy must be in addition to traditional treatments and must never replace medicine but come as a complement. This stone has to be purified before the reach as it has to become neutral and then get calibrated to the person and his needs. Spring water, ray of the sun, crystal or amethyst geode. Zodiac signs of Cancer, Capricorn and Sagittarius. Chaka root.

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