The natural sunstone is a primary triclinic tectosilicate Aventurine Feldspar. Lithotherapy books say that it is the universal stone of man, but not only! Facilitates sentimental life, opens perceptions, helps to say yes to life, alleviates fears and concerns, helps in cases of depression, channels energies to the sunny side of life, nervous system, interaction between organs. A stone like the Sun Stone requires a lot of attention to remain effective, as indeed all feldspar is a stone that must be cleaned and recharged. Several methods for this but what remains the most simple and effective is to clean it regularly with low nitrate spring water and to position it regularly so that it receives the rays of the stars both day and night. Some also say that the more it is subjected to temperature difference, the more it will discharge from the accumulated negative. A geode or cluster of quartz (rock crystal, amethyst, citrine) helps to recharge it more quickly. We privilege rock crystal for this because less sensitive to the sun's rays than its sisters, they can be positioned together on a daily basis without deteriorating. We also observe that it is a surprising thing concerning the feldspars, when it is too charged in negative and that it protects less, it has the annoying habit of breaking or getting lost, it is necessary to be attentive to this when whether you find it or repair a jewel in moonstone or sunstone, such as labradorite, they must be cleaned.

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