Iron eye (hematoid jasper) is a layered mixture of jasper hematite and tiger eye, rhombohedral tiercière (shimmering quartz). The Iron Eye is 2.2 billion years old and was formed in an atmosphere with a lot of oxygen. Comes from Australia in general but it is now found in Africa and America in (deep) underlay so it is an easy stone to find, however the transformation into jewelry requires very hard tools that is why bracelets are expensive while rough stone or tumbled stone remains very affordable. The lithotherapy books attribute to this stone the properties of the gems which compose it, protective, life force, concretization by the pragmatism, stone for the sport, lack of iron, increases the transport of oxygen, asthma, fatigue linked to a pathology hepatic. We will also find the properties of hematite, red jasper and tiger eye. First, second and third chakra. Zodiac of Gemini, Leo and Virgo.

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