Obsidians are volcanic amorphous silicon dioxide glasses, primary they are found everywhere on the planet but Mexico has a wide variety. Obsidians should be cleaned with spring water low in nitrate and salt. Lithotherapy books address some specifications to certain obsidians but in fact they have all the properties below more or less pronounced, the more opposite the obsidian which has it more strongly. Black obsidian, a stone revered in Latin America for seeing in the depths of oneself, gives courage, new enthusiasm, healing, osteoarthritis used in homeopathy. Speckled obsidian or snowflake, disperses blockages, kidney energies, activates undeveloped faculties, pain, tension and irrigation. Rainbow obsidian, clairvoyance, simultaneously protects and strengthens, clears the mind, visual weakness. Golden obsidian, psychic wounds, optimist, wound, strain, contusion. Obsidian celestial eye, softer than the black one, cleanses the body of emotions, allows to be more alive, freer inside, good stone to ward off negative influences, perception of the therapist of the parapsychologist.

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