The natural larvikite (syenite-monzonite) is a Magmatite feldspar. National stone of Norway since 2007. Northern Labradorite comes from Larvik near Oslo. According to lithotherapy books it has the same properties as labradorite it protects against negative energies, would be more intended for students than practitioners. Emotion, makes neutral and objective. Nerves, tension. A stone like larvikite requires a lot of attention to keep it effective, just like any feldspar is a stone that must be cleaned and recharged. Several methods for this but what remains the most simple and effective is to clean it regularly with low nitrate spring water and to position it regularly so that it receives the rays of the stars both day and night. Some also say that the more it is subjected to temperature differences, the more it will discharge the accumulated negative. A geode or cluster of quartz (rock crystal, amethyst, citrine) helps to recharge it more quickly. We prefer rock crystal for this because less sensitive to the sun's rays than its sisters, they can be positioned together on a daily basis without deteriorating. We also observe that something astonishing concerning the feldspars, when these are too charged in negative and they protect less, they have the annoying habit of breaking or getting lost, it is necessary to be attentive to this when whether it is found or a larvikite jewel is repaired, it must be cleaned and recharged. Throat chakra, is particularly suitable for the zodiac signs of Gemini, Cancer, Sagittarius, Pisces but in general for all caregivers regardless of the sign.

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