Natural Lapis lazuli (lazurite) is a tectosilicate, cubic. From Latin lapis for stone and lazuli for azure (azure stone) intense blue. We find a good quality in Afghanistan (spotted pyrite) but also in Russia or in the Alps, lapis also comes to us from the American continent (spotted lapis) with cubic calcite. The different provenances do not change the properties of lapis lazuli much, only the appearance and the price. We try as much as possible to supply ourselves with lapis lazuli in Chile and Egypt. Stone of Energy, Intuition and Lungs. According to lithotherapy books, it straightens the negative energies of grief and sadness, helps speak the truth and accept it, promotes authenticity and allows one to gain mastery over one's own life. Discernment, intelligence, communication. Menstrual cycle, depression, organs, bone marrow, blood, insomnia, dizziness, blood pressure. Third eye, forehead chakra zodiac sign of Sagittarius and Pisces, but suitable for all abused women or men in their relationship to help them and have the strength to take control of their lives.

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