Natural Clear Jade (China) is a jadeite (inosilicate, tertiary monoclinic pyroxene). The large family of jades, pyroxene or monoclinic inosilicate can be translucent (jadeite) or cream (nephrite). We find jade everywhere on our planet, different according to its origin, and very varied in color. Lithotherapy books attribute properties to jades as different as there are jade. Black jade (black jadeite), fair measure, neutral posture, kidneys bladder. Light green jade (jadeite), balance, regulates the nerves, harmony of the body. Lavender jade (mauve jadeite), lightens injuries, clear boundaries. Actinolite jade (nephritis), external pressure, help with indecision, bladder. Yellow jade (nephritis), energizing, stimulating, joy, digestion and elimination. White jade (jadeite), directs energy, better result, decision making. Orange or red jade (nephrite), energizing, release, carnal love. Brown jade (nephrite). Maybe dark green, canada, comfort, robustness, adaptation. Jade is used in traditional Chinese medicine. Too often tinted to mimic other stones like turquoise, rose quartz, aventurine, lapis and many more. We can have one jade per chakra and each astrological sign has its own jade.

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