Azurite malachite is a copper carbonate, primary and secondary monoclinic. Origin Chile and Peru. It is found in France and Russia but it will not be usable for the realization of jewelry without great modifications and alterations. Azurite is a very crumbly stone even associated with malachite, it will always require stabilization for the manufacture of pearls and tumbled stones. If you want a jewel with an unmodified stone, choose a chrysocolla jewel from the American continent instead, the properties will be almost equivalent. As the name suggests in azurite malachite, there are two copper minerals, one blue, azurite, consciousness and knowledge, and the other green heart and blood. According to lithotherapy books, azurite malachite promotes general anti-inflammatory action and combines heart and soul with its color. Growth, liver, cramps, detoxifier. Azurite malachite is particularly suited to the native zodiac signs of Sagittarius

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