The purpose of the 7 chakra compositions is to align the chakras. Chakras comes from the word wheel or disc we must understand the energy wheel of the body in traditional medicines, Indian, Chinese, Japanese and even Incas. Each chakra has its color and its stones but also globally each stone has its chakra. the most used are for The stones of the first chakra are ruby ​​or garnet, for The stones of the second chakra are Carnelian or rubellite, for The stones of the third chakra are the tiger's eye Citrine, for The stones of the fourth chakra are Emerald or aventurine, for The stones of the fifth chakra are crystal or Aquamarine.
The stones of the sixth chakra are Lapis Lazuli, blue apatite or sodalite, for The stones of the seventh chakra are Amethyst or cacoxenite. Other stones can be used, and other books give other stones for the chakras. For our bracelets we use the aforementioned stones, we import stones from several destinations and we make the 7 chakra bracelets in France in our workshops as well as a large part of our bracelets and pendants. The 7 chakra compositions are intended for living beings, for aligning the chakras of the body and even decorative compositions such as the orgonite pyramid to pose will act on living beings in its field of action, not on the place. The chakras each correspond to an endocrine gland but our 7 chakra bracelets aim to align energies through minerals and can never replace the medical treatments recommended in the event of endocrine disruption or serious pathology and can only come complement to general medicine.

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