Amethyst is a purple quartz with rhombohedral primary or secondary lavender found everywhere on our planet, several naturopaths recommend a source from the American continent, it would be stronger in Energy. 75% of our products come from Uruguay or Brazil. This stone is as well used in jewelry to wear, bracelet, necklace, pendant, tumbled stones to carry in pocket as in its natural forms for the living environment and the house, geodes, clusters, pyramids, orgone, lamp etc. Its properties are according to lithotherapy books are on an axis of positive energy it would transform what is negative into positive. Sense of justice, inner peace, overcoming mourning, awareness of things, spirituality, truthfulness, overcoming pain. Nightmare, endocrine system, blood, etc. etc. we use this stone for the manufacture of our compositions in particular for the bracelets 7 chakras. Amethyst is also used to recharge and heal other stones, in its raw form in geodes or clusters, or in grains to be placed in a container. It is the stone of the sign of Pisces but suitable for all astrological signs

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